Brooke’s Coffee Roasters

Brooke Wells is a professional athlete most known for her achievements on the competition floor. What you may not know is that she has an entrepreneurial spirit roasting within. With the help of her twin sister and best friend, Brooke recently made her bold ambitions a reality by opening Brooke’s Coffee Roasters.

Coffee Roasters Collection

Available March 1st.


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The Team



Owner & Master Roaster

Opening her own business has been Brooke's heaviest lift yet, but she’s proven to be fit for the task, making this handstand walk look like a stroll in the park. The business is off to a strong start.



As a former collegiate athlete, there were a few hurdles Sydney needed to clear before agreeing to join her sister in the business. After lengthy negotiations they were able to get things on track and have been full sprint ahead since the shop opened.


Barista in training.

The resident black belt of coffee roasting, Aspen is a pioneer in the industry. She considers the roasting process an art form. Be sure to try her Sierra blend, released once per month.